Thursday, December 1, 2016

Vulnhub Walkthrough: Hackday Albania 2016 CTF


root access + flag.txt

Initial nmap reveals a web server running on 8008 and ssh on port 22

Website reveals Mr. Robot and a message that translates to "If I am, I know where to go ;)"

Checking the source code there's a message that translates to "but not here"

Running nikto shows various directories found from robots.txt file

Browsing to the first directory listed, it prompts with the translated message "Is this a proper directory or a jerk" < LOL I hope that Google translation is accurate

With a lot of directories to go through, I decided to save the directories listed in robots.txt to a file and run through dirb

Running the directories through dirb reveals that /unisxcudkqjydw is a different size. So let's try that...

Browsing this directory reveals another hint

Adding /vulnbank to the original URL reveals a directory listing

Clicking the client folder reveals a Very Secure Bank login page

With no known credentials, I setup burp suite to run a SQLi attack against

Quick turnaround and two possible payloads

Tested both on the username, and they both login as Charles D. Hobson

Scrolling over on the page reveals a place to upload files...

First thought was to upload a php reverse shell, but states that only specific image files are allowed

Simply adding .jpg to the end of the shell file and trying again results in...upload success!

Next I setup meterpreter, browse to the newly uploaded file and...BOOM limited shell!

Connected as www-data gives limited access so let the enumeration begin. First I see what is available in the /home directory...nothing. However it gives us a username taviso < i get it

Next checking /var/www/html it becomes obvious that all files are readable and belong to the user taviso. Browsing to the directory that provided access shows a config.php file

Viewing the config.php file gives us the mysql root password

Looking at mysql doesn't provide much more information other than two logins to the site. Moving on...

Checking permissions on /tmp shows the obvious of full access and I upload both the python and bash linux privilege checker scripts. Seems python isn't available, only python 3 and 3.5 which do not work with the python script.  However the bash script works and pays off as it reveals /etc/passwd is writable!

Since I'm able to update any user, including root, I quickly check /etc/sshd_config file and it states that remote access isn't available with password. Oh well...

So first I create a password hash using openssl

Using the meterpreter session, I download the /etc/passwd file and update root and taviso passwords

Back to meterpreter, I upload the updated file replacing the original and check to see it's the newer version

Now with my own password set on taviso, ssh access to the system works. From there issuing su with the new password gives root access.  In the root folder is a message that translates to "Congratulations, now launches report".  Also available is the file flag.txt with an MD5 hash of d5ed38fdbf28bc4e58be142cf5a17cf5 that decodes to rio


  1. hey,

    i am using vmware and its not grabbing IP no idea why.. my setup does work well.. any tips would be recommend bro.


    1. i always use virtualbox. vm creator also mentions this.,167/ Note: VMware users may have issues with the network interface doing down by default. We recommend (for once!) using Virtualbox.

  2. Hi, great writeup! Definitely got me thinking of using Burp for automating SQLinjections, could you please send me a link with this SQLi list you are using so I may try it out? I found some online but they weren't successful in authentication bypass, like yours did. Thanks!

    1. i use the two provided with kali

    2. Thanks, I found it and managed to replicate the same behavior. Cheers mate!